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Do you want to sell your house?

If you want to sell your house and want to be sure to have the best guidance during the selling process then you are at the right address. 
What makes us stand out ?  We are a young and enthusiastic company. We don't have a 9-5 mentality, we work with knowledge but also with emotion and the most important: we love our work. 
As a French - Dutch couple with small children we know the ins and outs of living in this beautiful area, different cultures but also different strategies to aim the right market. We are also active on social media, magazines and keep our website up to date. 

Curious ? Every Tuesday we can meet at the office in Arleuf (88 route du Haut Morvan 58430 ARLEUF) without an appointment from 9h00-12h00. And of course coffee/tea and cookies will be served. 

If you would like to estimate your house we charge nothing  if you want to put your house for sale with our company.

Without signing a mandat we ask for our time (+- total of 4 to 5 hours work) € 150 incl VAT for a verbal estimation.
If you need a written estimation we charge € 300 incl VAT. 

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us. 

À  bientôt! 

Kim & Sébastien BAIN - Bien en France

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